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Approximation Algorithms for NP-Hard Problems pdf

Approximation Algorithms for NP-Hard Problems. Dorit Hochbaum

Approximation Algorithms for NP-Hard Problems

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Approximation Algorithms for NP-Hard Problems Dorit Hochbaum
Publisher: Course Technology

With Christos Papadimitriou in 1988, he framed the systematic study of approximation algorithms for {mathsf{NP}} -hard optimization problems around the classes {mathsf{MaxNP}} and {mathsf{MaxSNP}} . Yet most such problems are NP-hard. Thus unless P = NP, there are no efficient algorithms to find optimal solutions to such problems. If one can establish a problem as NP-complete, there is strong reason to believe that it is intractable. Research Areas: Uses of randomness in complexity theory and algorithms; Efficient algorithms for finding approximate solutions to NP-hard problems (or proving that they don't exist); Cryptography. Title: Approximation algorithms for Euler genus and related problems. When an NP-complete problem must be solved, one approach is to use a polynomial algorithm to approximate the solution; the answer thus obtained will not necessarily be optimal but will be reasonably close. (So to solve an instance of the Hitting Set Problem, it suffices to solve the instance of your problem with. Authors: Chandra Computing it has been shown to be NP-hard [Thomassen 1989, 1993], and it is known to be fixed-parameter tractable. The Hitting Set problem is NP-hard [Karp' 72]. Study of low-distortion embeddings (which can be pursued in a more general setting) has been a highly-active TCS research topic, largely due to its role in designing efficient approximation algorithms for NP-hard problems. The fractional MF problems are polynomial time solvable while integer versions are NP-complete. I'm enjoying reading notes from Shuchi Chawla's course at the University of Wisconsin, Madison on approximation algorithms for NP-hard optimization problems. We would then do better by trying to design a good approximation algorithm rather than searching endlessly seeking an exact solution. However, exact algorithms to solve the fractional MF problems have high computational complexity.